Thursday, June 21, 2007

sunday 6/17 (pt 2)

SoHo, Manhattan

Inwood, Manhattan

Washington Heights, Manhattan

NoHo, Manhattan


Paradise Driver said...

Any idea why certain parts of the subway are, well, "sub" and others are elevated?

NYC taxi photo said...

My guess is to avoid congestion and accidents, just less mess above ground. downtown, and midtown have subways underground, and also all the powerlines and phone lines are underground. back in the begining of the 20th century it was easier to build a labor force with immigrants, and otherwise unemployed people in the 30's i guess. all the subway lines were privately owned and so these big projects were investments that rich men were willing to take.

The more rural the city gets, the more subway lines and phone lines rise above ground. I'm not a historian though, and i was born in '80. I wonder what G.S. has to say about this.

it is quite amazing how much undergound subway lines we do have.