Monday, February 12, 2007

He doesn't live in Woodside you idiot

I should say that I remember more than getting lost going to Newark last Saturday. Another notable fare I took to Astoria the Sunday before last. He got in and said Astoria boulevard and then mentioned some streets as well, three streets in total, I was confused. I asked him if I should take 21st street there, hoping for some clue on directions, but he wouldn’t give. He reclined against the window and just exclaimed “whatever” and that it was in “Queens” yeah that narrowed it down. I had no idea where Astoria blvd was, but I eventually found it on the map, turned out it was really Queens blvd. so I get there, and he says I should have taken 31st street. I am totally confused now, cause I found the streets he mentioned in Woodside.

He started muttering curses, “fuck this. Trying to fuckin’ rip me off.” It was understandable, but it would have been nice if certain questions I’d asked before were met with productive answers that I could use to bring him home. After a few more curses, and me telling him I wasn’t trying to rip him off, we worked together to get him home. I then told him that the intersection he gave me also existed in Woodside, so I wasn’t to blame, though in reality I was. Anyway we eventually got to his location, he called his girlfriend and asked her if he could stay the night. Odd, that he would do this when he is merely two blocks away (stalker?). Then he told me he didn’t have enough money. The meter read 13.80, I told him thirteen to make it easier, since there was enough communication issues with this fellow already. So we drove to an ATM, but the ATM was fucked up. He already paid me 12 dollars and was under the impression it was sixteen, I wasn’t going to argue with that, but I told him it was fine. We drove back to 36th street, wherever, and he thought I was European because I was so friendly. “Usually only European taxi drivers are this nice,” he said, and then we shook hands. What a nice fellow.

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