Monday, May 30, 2016

NYC taxi model history, and a teeny tiny update on things

yargh! i've had an unexpected week off.

The update:
err, sort of. I had the cab and logged on with it on Saturday morning, but the fare was incomplete. go home try again yada yada. i don't normally do live tapings via #Periscope, but I put a tape out on that day to recite the problems and maybe take viewers on a small tour since I couldn't work with the cab anyway, so here's that tape: Live drive, story and tour

so hey, here's the thing. As a cabbie, when you're working you don't have much off time where you actually have the excess energy and the time to devote to composing a blog post online. but hey, i've had a lot of time off, so a lot of excess energy, and time.

what have I been doing with that time? I've been trying to get a better more comprehensive set of images to re-edit / replace my existing page of pictures of Taxicabs from 1899-2011...

Those were the old years though of course. I'll try to go back further than 1899, and also of course go all the way to the year 2016... yes!!! the future Conan!!

so much depth, so, so much depth, that it'll most probably have to be divided up into more posts..

so here's where I'm putting all those pictures, 124 images at the moment, building up the archive before i break it down again, and put it nicely into this blogsite.

History of New York City Taxicabs

Look, one thing though, these pictures are not my own, but be nice, if you want to post them online or wherever, you do what i did, site the sources, site the photographer, and if you straight up take like 8 or more pictures from that page, than site me as a source too, 'cause i as your one stop shopping experience deserve some notation.

to round out the cab quota, here's my other albums that fulfill the NYC Taxi images of all kinds up until today. These are my pictures, so do not steal my images.. if you make zero profit from them you can publish them as long as you credit me as the photographer, and please for the benefit of accuracy, please please get your info correct.. but yeah, if your putting it in some magazine or something, you buy now, or i'll get Kuby on the phone.

Former taxis
Current Taxi Models

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