An Available Toilet

IMG_2766 copy @ BP Station, LaGuardia Airport, Marine Air Terminal. Parking Available in... PARKING SPACES!!!

IMG_2840 copy @ Think Coffee, Mercer Street Between 4th street and 3rd Street. Parking available on the streets monday thru friday between 7am and 8am, and also between I believe, 6pm and midnight. please check the parking regulation signs. many spots available on saturday and sunday, Particularly sunday. The Bathrooms are in the back. No purchase necessary.

IMG_3301 @ 96th Street just before entrance to south bound West Side Highway. A parking lot with a porta-potty near the tennis courts.

IMG_3694 copy @ Time Warner Center Mall. About one block north (62nd street) on the south bound side of Broadway there was one spot on the corner with a red taxi stand sign. Technically you are not allowed to leave your car, but usually you won't get a ticket. Also on weekends, particularly Sundays, you might find a space on the central park side of Central Park South.

IMG_3690 Also @ Time Warner Center Mall. The bathroom is located on the second floor. go up the escalator, make a left turn, go down the terrace until you see the bathroom and possibly elevator banks.

IMG_4669 @ LaGuardia Airport's American Airlines arrival taxi line. When you park the car in the taxi line, this hole in the wall is located on the main building on the left, in a doorway that is always open, there is no door. However, please approach with caution, as the toilet is in a room down the hall to the left. Check for sound and shadows so that you don't find someone else in their moment of relief. if you have a lot of time, then I recommend walking into the actual terminal, the public bathrooms for the actual public, are located about 100 steps forward and then another 30 steps left.  -----*(CORRECTION, THIS IS NOT THE LGA TOILET @ AMERICAN AIRLINES, THE TOILET THERE IS WORSE)*---

IMG_4885 copy @ Whole Foods, Union Square. On a Sunday or even a Saturday morning you might be able to find a parking spot on Broadway, 13th street, or university place. Whole foods opens at either 10 am or 9am. the bathroom is on the second floor to the left in the back. if you find yourself closer to 12th street, use the Strand Bookstore. Bathrooms there are also on the second floor.

IMG_5249 @ a gas station, I don't recall which one.

IMG_5497@ 10th Avenue and 39th Street. Saturday and Sunday has a gift bathroom for you. this porta-potty is kept very clean, but only available on the weekend. park right there, in front where the truck is. do what you must, hazard lights, hood open whatever, you're right next to the bathroom, the ticket agent should figure this one out and have a heart. this is here for the street fair every sunday. If you are near here during the week, go to the Dunkin' Donuts gas station at 10th Avenue and 36th street.

IMG_5576 @ Manna, Grand Street and Lorimer Street, Brooklyn. Meter spots available. parking tickets here are 35 dollars.

IMG_5597 copy @ Earthmatters health food store. Ludlow Street between Houston and Stanton. I try to park on the left side on Ludlow and read the signs very carefully. Always pay the meter during the hours meters are in effect!! The bathroom is in the back.

IMG_5774 copy @ Clinton Park Public Bathroom, a block between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue and also 54th street and 52nd street. The best entrance to the park is @ 11th Avenue and 52nd Street, and the toilets are located in the building near 12th avenue between 52nd and 54th. access is only from the inside of the park, from 11th avenue, so it's a healthy walk. If you are feeling lucky, park the car at 11th avenue and run thru the park to the bathroom, pay the meter if your not feeling lucky. The bathroom is pretty clean actually. If you don't want to take any chances there are about 5 to 10 parking spaces for taxicabs for one hour relief @ 51st street between 11th Avenue and 12th Avenue. At that point you might want to use a toilet at the Mobil Station @ 11th Avenue and 51st street. That bathroom is on the side of the building, good luck with that.

IMG_6444 copy I don't remember where this was

IMG_7084 copy @ Brooklyn Bagels. In Manhattan! on 8th Avenue between 24th Street and 25th Street. Meter parking in front. the bathroom, is on the left after a few refrigerators. I think the bathroom is for customers only, but they probably won't bother you, either way, it's a beautiful restroom, and they deserve your purchase for their care. just remember to pay that meter if it's during the regulation hours.

IMG_7179 copy This may be @ the Think Coffee @ Bowery and Bleeker Street. Honestly, you'll probably never find parking here.

IMG_7234 copy @ The Chelsea Market. @ 9th Avenue and 15th Street. Some cabbies park at the taxi stand right in front and walk in. I will not do this, as this stand should be for active cabs. Park your car @ 9th Avenue farther north, there are about 4 one hour relief parking spots on the left side of the avenue, perhaps near the intersection of 18th street? try the parking meters as well. Also there are 2 or 3 one hour relief parking spaces @ 17th street between 9th and 8th Avenues. The bathrooms inside the market are down the hall towards the middle of the market, then a small hallway after the waterfalls on the left side, is full of toilet rooms. No purchase necessary, however, the line may be long. You can also try the Grey Dog Café on 16th Street between 8th Avenue and 7th Avenue.

IMG_7824 @ Joe's Coffee @ 23rd Street on the north side of the street just west of 9th Avenue. Park the car at the bus stop if you dare, pop the hood and open all the way up, open the trunk all the way, put the hazard lights on. Always keep your keys in your pocket. Or park it across the street. If the parking regs there do not allow you to park there, then do the same. The bathroom is in the back, purchase a coffee there if you can, if the line isn't too long. But if you don't buy anything, nobody will get mad.

IMG_8195 @ Public restroom, @ I don't remember where.

IMG_8294 @ 7th Avenue between 40th Street and 39th Street. Located on the west side of 7th Avenue is this Korean deli / grocery / buffet place. The bathroom is located up the stairs and to the back, and to the left, there you will see the door to the rooms. On the east side of 7th Avenue where it intersects with 39th Street, there are 4 taxi stand spots. I don't think they ever issue tickets for leaving your cab here.