Tuesday, January 12, 2016

not updated

sorry, I haven't been here to update the site/blog, in a long long while.

You can find me on twitter:  https://twitter.com/nyctaxiphoto

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NYC-taxi-photo-43428885139/?ref=hl

or Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/copyright_noah_forman/

I still want to keep posting pics and writing stories. The latter, much harder. But year after year, I've found one reason or another, not to devote appropriate time here. I'm not saying this site is finished, but it's been quite some time. And this time like so many times before, I could write, or devote hours and hours to getting pictures together, but then i'd be taking time away to preperation for a job, or taxes, or family time / friend time.

twitter, Facebook, and instagram take the pressure off, and allow me to just plop down whatever is on the phone or in my head. But blogger has just been to much of a time consuming proposition. One pretty much has to be retired to make it work. the catch is that memories are sometimes only fresh for a few hours, or a day. but to write some stories would psyche myself out and prevent me from going to work the next day.

 I also got a little frustrated with holding on to such a simple shallow identity of just being a taxi driver, or being the taxi driver that everybody might imagine. I thoroughly enjoy being that guy, but only if it can lead to further awareness of all our surroundings. err, that probably sounded too wishy washy egocentricish, maybe i didn't not so much, but it was one of the factors making it harder for me to write. Especially when right from the beginning, I always found that my stories before even becoming a taxi driver, were far more interesting for the most part. Think of it as a numbers game, when you are outside all day, will you see more rain, will you see more stormy weather? Yes you will, but you will also see everything else, and when you see so much, it all becomes rather mundane.

i'll try to keep my eyes open to see the interesting side of things, I'll try to look for visual word picture type things to write about in the future. But I'm thinking right now I may have more viewers on Facebook, so I might just write the occasional entry, VERY OCCASIONAL, over on my Facebook page of the same name. Instagram is more of a very crude rough draft for pictures i'll take with my iPhone. and I still want to send the best pictures over to this site, where i can keep them organized so that I know what I've got tangibly.

so that's pretty much all, in summary, I aim to get the photo albums updated in due time (4-12 months) and keep them annually updated. while for more regular quick updates, you can find me @ twitter, instagram, and Facebook.

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