Thursday, April 4, 2013

-Archives- Shift Shots: 7/21/2012

Manhattan Bridge, DUMBo, Brooklyn

Astoria, Queens

J.F.K. Airport, Queens



around this time, I was getting tired more often and not making too much money. I rented the cab by the week with another driver. I did the days, he did the nights. So I had a lot of time at my hands when I waited at the airport. Time enough to lay down and notice the hodgepodge of so many electric wires down there. It's one of those things i guess where a normal car might have a cover to clean it up, but the garage we rented out of was more of a place that just made sure it worked on the bare essential level. every time we got new tires, and it was very often, they wouldn't really be new at all, and often they would be worse then the ones we already had. good riddance to that place.
IMG_5265 copy

2 hours later, still @ J.F.K.
IMG_5268 copy

Borough Park, Brooklyn
Odd day, when I returned the cab to my night driver I saw this little bird walking along the sidewalk.

It was a chicken, just walking around as if this was common place.



It wasn't until a week or so later when I decided to walk all the way home from there, that I saw a Chinese poultry shop around the corner that sold live poultry. I guess this lucky chicken got away.

Stuyvesant Town, Manhattan
And wouldn't you know, I was walking around Manhattan about to have dinner with my dad, when I noticed a red tailed hawk under this parked van. If I remember correctly, he may have been chowing down on a rat, but he took a moment to stay still for a photo-op. These hawks are a big hit with each of the neighborhoods that they reside in. News came of their migration to the city about 10 years ago, along with news of wild turkeys as well. The Hawks have homes in the tree tops and windowsills of tall buildings in Stuyvesant Town, Tompkins Square Park, Washington Square Park, and Central Park. Each place shares the common thread, all are square park spaces several blocks large and surrounded by buildings that the hawks can perch on and view the landscape from and then swoop down and snatch their prey.


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