Friday, April 5, 2013

-Archives- Shift Shots: 7/19/12

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

J.F.K. Airport, Queens

Bushwick, Brooklyn

I was feeling rather guilty before I came to this accident. You see I thought I had planned the perfect morning route to avoid the worst traffic and get my customer from J.F.K. Airport to the Lower East Side in the morning rush hour. The idea is to try to get them there in under an hour, but it was coming up on an hour already and I was still in the middle of Brooklyn. When I saw this I was actually relieved. Something like this can't be predicted, but also, how the hell does this happen?? this is a major street in Brooklyn, but the fastest you can go is 30 miles per hour, and in morning traffic, the speed at the fastest is more like 20. Also the intersecting street doesn't cross through this one, it just meets up with it, so there is no reason why this pickup would have turned without being blind. I guess the truck turned into the on coming traffic, which brings us to the wagon, yada, yada, the truck pushed the wagon into the car, but how?? Why didn't the truck stop? why did the truck turn in the first place?

Every now and then I have a real idiot for a customer who doesn't understand why I don't drive faster and take more chances in traffic. Well I'm pretty much a veteran driver at this point, and you've seen with this picture an example of things that my eyes have seen, at any time of day, in any weather. And I know with the time I have to spend behind the wheel, my odds of an accident are increased ten fold, I have no excuse with my experience to drive like a dumb ass. I had such a customer this past Saturday, but let's not get into that.

F.D.R. Drive / Lower East Side, Manhattan - Viewing the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I love your b&w ones the most.. The first one has such a vintage feel to it!.

Star said...

Enjoyed the photos. Thanks for the look into the life of a taxi driver.