Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shift Shots 3/24/13

Lower East Side

This was interesting, I turn around a corner and a classic fire truck is on the road. The driver behind the wheel appears to be a fireman. I don't know what the story is behind this truck. Many years ago (what feels like another lifetime in some ways) I took pictures for my first major college assignment of an establishment in a small town in Maine that restored fire trucks and wagons. They told me they did a project for the New York Fire Department once, so for all we know this is a full circle thing and I find myself taking pictures out the window of my taxicab 11 years later only to still be taking pictures of their fire truck yet again.

IMG_9034 copy

J.F.K. Airport, Queens

Seems like almost everyday I drive the cab I find a new vehicle purchased for taxi use. This is the first ever Toyota Avalon yellow cab in New York City. You can see the full album of mine where I've tried to supply a picture of each taxicab model still on the New York streets. This is kind of a big deal, because we don't know how soon it'll be until we are all forced to only purchase one vehicle for taxicab use. Right now there is an entire list of approved vehicles that we can own, but soon we will have to buy a Nissan NV200, a little scrappy european minivan with tiny wheels made for commercial grade use, a very cheaply made van without all the luxuries of a modern car.

Ozone Park, Queens
IMG_9038 copy

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

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Mike R said...

That Toyota is beautiful - so glad you're documenting all these cabs that are on the streets; I think it's important and I love the pics.