Friday, March 22, 2013

Shift Shot, Shift Video: 3/11/2013

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Long Island City, Queens

Well on this day, I came across this issue here in Queens. Just after I came off the bridge one turn in to the streets and lots of police activity to the point where they were blocking both lanes of traffic approaching the bridge. That was accompanied by news vans and officials in suits with pins on their lapels, these beefy gentlemen with suits were walking this way and that through the intersections explaining things to each other and to traffic cops, and to news reporters. It all looked a little messy, and probably something very major had happened due to the nature of these circumstances.

I didn't learn 'till later via the news radio that a car had jumped onto the sidewalk and killed a teenager, walking there. Here is my self-centered video revolving around traffic as a mere obstacle:

It appears that this video has the word flash incorporated into the html code, so please let me know if you have problems loading the video.

Long Island City, Queens

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