Friday, March 8, 2013

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Here we have at the exotic car dealership the special built for purpose vehicle, made specifically with wheelchair bound riders in mind, with all the correct detailing of the real New York City taxicab. I'm not sure if this was just for promotional purposes, or if the one and only taxi driver who purchased one, was about to make his purchase around that time. It was already on the streets, used with natural gas modifications for our "Access-A-Ride" contracted city program, where the city funds services to take people with disabilities to their destination. As seen below the paragraph. The one taxi driver and his partner mostly use J.F.K. airport, and I haven't been able to get a shot of his car yet. The best picture of this car as the NYC Taxicab can be found here (Update** I've just found one of them, there is more than one MV-1 taxicab, and I'll be uploading the picture soon** the previous link I had here was actually a photograph in The New York Times)

Sadly, when the new Nissan NV200 comes to New York as a taxicab, if it ever does, that van will eventually replace all vehicles as taxicabs, and there will be no more small hybrids, no more luxury SUVs, and I'm not sure, but there may be only modified Toyota vans for wheelchair customers. This is a terrible, terrible shame. As this above vehicle really looks like the standard for which all other vans should be judged by.

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

LaGuardia Airport, Queens
Speaking of luxury SUVs, this is one of 6 Lexus hybrid taxicabs. There are currently also 3 Mercedes-Benz Taxis too.  You can see virtually all the taxicabs used in New York city today on this page of my blog Taxicab Models Today


IMG_5401 copy


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