Wednesday, March 6, 2013

-Archives- Shift Shots 12/28/11

Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

It was the last day of work for 2011. So I thought I'd give myself a treat, enjoy the day by bringing my better camera out with me. I wasn't sure how much longer I wanted to do this job at the time, so I figured I might as well capture the train station. It is a very peaceful feeling waiting for the train to come  before the morning rush. Before dawn is morning to me, but everybody else's night. And I never get tired of being on my own schedule. Well sometimes I forget just how special it is, but all I have to do is try and party with all the other idiots on friday and saturday nights, or go into the city during the rush, and then I remember. It's nice to be a functioning member of the entire system, and yet be on a lesser known detour from everyone else's path.

Sometimes I get to see the full moon as I sit down and lay my bag lossely across the bench. I have my headphones with me, but this moment is precious. I wait until I get on the train to put the music on. I like to find all the noises in the silence. The rats scurry through the garbage bins, flags and debris flap in the breeze, if there is a breeze, but most mornings there isn't any. I look up at each window above the station to see who is still awake watching television.

J.F.K. Airport, Queens

Upper East Side  -Metropolitan Museum of Art


These next two images are from the same shot, but I couldn't decide which crop was the best one. I know this much, the top one is best in color, and the bottom is best in black and white, but it almost seems like they're both good in their own way, even though they are both really the same image.




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