Sunday, March 3, 2013

-Archives- Shift Shots 11/ 25/11

I suppose all the pictures on this day of posting have something in common; cars with old styling. Here we have the iconic taxicab and the iconic limousine of New York City, both the Ford Crown Victoria, and the Lincoln Town Car, are no longer in production. They were basically the same car, made in the same factory in Canada. But the style of car was so old, body on frame construction, rear wheel drive, and a V8 engine that produces a mere 229 horsepower for the Ford, and 239 horsepower for the Lincoln. the extended wheelbase model in use said the miles per gallon in the city reached 17MPG, however my figures were more like 11 MPG. I think it quite fitting that horse and carriage was passing by at the time.

And another car very old in style, super tacky and super huge, the brand new BMW made, Rolls Royce.

And another Lincoln Town Car, be it a much older one, used as the ad car for the Jekyl and Hyde Club

And here's something sad that happened on this day:

I got into a little bump with an official vehicle. A Homeland Security truck. As you can see there was virtually no damage to my car, and the truck got a little yellow paint on it. The stupid driver of the truck pressed the gas instead of the brakes, and accelerated into me as I changed lanes in front of him. We were driving at a speed of 2 miles per hour, literally, we were in stopped traffic, his lane was moving at 5 miles an hour, mine was stopped. he honked at me first, then he flashed his siren noise at me 2 or 3 times, this all took about 15 seconds, and in this time we weren't moving, he was angry at me, and trying to scare me out of changing into his lane, and yet he left an entire car length ahead of him for me to cross into. And but when I signaled and changed lanes he drove his truck into my car.

I was very stressed out, I needed to return my car to the garage in 10 minutes over the bridge, and so he delayed me even more. We had to file paper work, he had to phone in his supervisor who seemed like a much more intelligent and respectable human being than he was. They both acted very professionally when we spoke, but I just wish he drove in a more professional manner. I had to then report the incident with the taxicab company's insurance company. the whole thing was highly annoying. And made me very very confused. The manager at the garage did mention to me that every single incident I had was involving changing lanes. It was all very eye opening, and I figured with all these pressures involved, if the police don't even act right, and if I can't functionally change lanes anymore, than I can't drive a cab anymore.

This was why I took a few months off at that time.

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