Friday, February 22, 2013

Good People!

What the?? Hold your horses people, I'll explain the picture soon enough.. my taxi update is below, I've returned from my Hackney Hibernation.

hey y'all...

So I'm back, still not finding the time yet to put entries in my blog, but just letting you know that I'm back on the streets. I took a little break from about 2 weeks after Hurricane Sandy I couldn't take it anymore. I quit then, and swore I'd find something else, but I didn't follow through on that, very tough for my mind to contemplate finding other work when I know I can always drive a cab. I did a stint with U.P.S. The United Parcel Service. I was a driver's helper it didn't really pay all my bills and was only a temporary holiday position. The job was great fun, perhaps I'll elaborate on that in the future.

And so about 3 weeks ago I started driving the cab again with a pretty new Toyota Camry Hybrid. I couldn't be more happy with it. I'm making the same money in one day that I used to make all week, but that had more to do with a flat lease price for all 7 days. I just didn't have the energy to put into working 7 or 6 days a week. I didn't have the energy to work 5 days a week, even 4 days is tough.. you see each "day" consists of 12 hours of work, all of these factors contribute to slow slow bad days. I'd just say forget it sometimes, and i'd have to wake from my slumber just to park the car. And then i'd get these parking tickets that would charge me the same cost it is to rent the car for the day. I was losing money like crazy..

So I figure I'll take the weekends with this hybrid car, save money on gas and cram as many hours as I can into this vehicle, and I'll still have 5 days in the week to A-find a job, and B-edit all my photos and get this blog up and running again.

Hey so Great people!! my last day i worked I took this cool guy to a house in Queens where he was supposed to shoot this model -with his camera- yeah, and well she didn't answer the door, so I took him back to the city, good times.. Anyway we got to talking and hit it off nicely, he even has a photography meet up group in Hoboken, he was cool enough to take my picture and post it up on his photoblog, So I of course took one, or two, or three, you know, and there he is!! up on the top of the post.. perhaps this could be a new trend of this blog... no worries I get plenty of shots all around the city to show everyone too. Wow, I'm going through my hard drives now and I have a backlog of about 2 years or so to get through.  well take a peek, and I assure you by Tuesday I'll be putting this blog back on track, the old fashioned way, with time and attention to detail, not with Nordic Track. See Ya all in a few days!

The Way I See It -Photographs by Timothy O'Grady

That's his blog, and here's his website:

And just in case the random Nordic Track reference confuses you, and you've never heard of this stupid commercial, well here we are for meaningless entertainment value: 



Star said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you are well. Congrats on meeting the fellow photographer, and getting mentioned on his blog. Looking forward to more posts and pics. Now that you're back, I'll try to get more shots of taxis in Milan, Italy, and post them on my blog for you.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

OMG!, I just went to your new friend's page... unbelievable... I think this is definitely a cool idea.. the exposure you and he will get... I've added him to my list ..I think ur onto a good idea.. Glad u are back, wondered how u were fairing these past few..