Monday, October 29, 2012

Before The Hurricane

Parking is always difficult in my neighborhood. I wanted the car for tomorrow available to me, so I could at least use the car for fun tomorrow. It might be a good day to take a drive and take some pictures. After all, I pay $814 per week and that's not including gas, and that's only to have the car in the mornings!! I better get my money's worth.

But anyway, So I'm trying to park the car right before the storm hits, a lot of parking spaces... all next to big trees and power lines.. SHIT!! this is an out-take from my parking search=

heads up -- I curse a bunch. -at the 49 second mark, if you didn't catch it, that is a transformer shorting out, right next to me.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I bet you were tempted to park it on the sidewalk!. Can't blame u if u did dude!.... I sympathize and NO you don't curse that much

Star said...

Love the header photo. Thanks.

Martin van Duijn said...

Well, did you find a spot within reasonable distance from where you live?