Friday, July 27, 2012

Shift Shots: 6/11/2012

MIddle of the day and the morning rush hour slowed down I got to the front of the taxi waiting line in under 30 minutes. But I worried a bit when I saw the big blue Freightliner van with dark tinted windows pull up. They could be only one thing: the mysterious N.Y.P.D. big gun guys. I don't know why they go where they go. I figured some diplomat who needed protection must warrant some protection. So out they came from the van from both sides. And this dude chooses to wait with his machine right in front of my cab. Ummm I think that will hurt my business a bit. Fortunately he decided to hide in a less conspicuous place, near the door, after a few minutes.



And I caught sight of another classic Ferrari in.. ahem, ahem, a random place. Sorry I don't have the liberty to tell you where this picture was taken. Why as a matter of fact, I think the camera just went off accidentally. Sheesh, cameras have a mind of their own sometimes.

LaGuardia Airport, Queens

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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