Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shift Shots: 4/26/2010

IMG_6783 copy
On a cold wet morning after a rainy night:
 I found that my car had the driver's window left open a crack. The rain from the night before had collected in my door handle where I usually keep my money. I hadn't realized this until after I picked up my first fare. So this was a quick drying operation to get my money back to its formerly crisp dry state.

IMG_6784 copy
Midtown, Manhattan

IMG_6789 copy
Greenwich Village, Manhattan
-A strange photo shoot, note the photographer in the reflection of the red door.

IMG_6790 copy
Somewhere in Manhattan

NoHo, Manhattan

IMG_6797 copy


IMG_6806 copy

IMG_6807 copy
Chelsea, Manhattan

IMG_6808 copy
Midtown, Manhattan

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Mike in VT said...

Ah - your transmission hump is nicely armor alled! Love all your photos - real in the flesh depictions of moments in time that would have been lost!