Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New renovated blog!!

Have you noticed any changes to my page layout? The links!! Where are the links??!!!

There they are!! I have placed a link to a separate page full of links of all the relevant blogs and websites that I feel for some reason reach out to the soul inside of my taxi/photo blog. The link is on the top of my righthand sidebar. It was getting to be too much, I couldn't stop myself, too much clutter. It is as much of a process to find all the juicy blogs and websites to suggest in linkage, as it is a process to actually make content for my beloved blog right here.

I've deleted some blogs from the link list for one reason or another, lack of updates and no posts of anything interesting, no excitement, no lust for life within the pages of writings, or the worst offense, advertising mixed with subpar content, and mislabeled links that lead into advertisements. If your blog is still on my list and you are guilty of a few of these sins, I am keeping you on the list out of empathy, I'm giving you the last shred of  belief that you know not what you do, but soon enough I may give up on you. I will look the other way if your blog is filled with amazing content that interests me.

I've got more taxiblogs on my link list: Blogs from Germany are a new addition, two blogs now from Montreal, a blog out of Seattle, and Philadelphia are new and pretty good too. Honestly I have no clue about the ones from germany, i went through the trouble of trying to translate them, and all I could figure out is that those German cabbies have the same gripes and complaints as all of us do in the States, namely other drivers on the road that are incompetent, and particularly Germany and Ireland Gripes are common against authorities who can't properly do anything... sound familiar?? of course it does!!!

My table of Photoblogs is well... it's beyond words if I say so myself..  You have to check out James and Karla Murray Photography!!! They are everywhere I want to be, and I can just sit back on my couch at home and see the pictures!! Who needs Visa? It may or may not be your thing, but you have to admit that the pictures are perfect, and it's no wonder they have a book out and their work is being shown in Germany right now, Germany, the epicenter for obsessive compulsive frame composition!!

Another good photoblog I just discovered is Street Level. What makes this photoblog, and the previously mentioned blog different? They aren't in the same common streets that every other newbie New Yorker walks through to show the same old amazing "new spaces" that are about as new to me as your grandfather's Cadillac. These blogs hit new territory, and I know they stand still when they get there, they take their time with each space they find so that they can present it better. The bar has been raised for photoblogs. You can't just take pictures of dirt anymore, and you can't just push the bright colors from your pictures to substitute for your weak subject matter.

Moving on to the New York City Blog section, some of the recent blogs added, cover on pretty regular basis, the history of New York, blogs like Bowery Boys. Hooray history buffs, excited and full of juicy information and pictures!! yay pictures!! many blogs now on the list that hit up this field!

Why have I gone so long without telling you about the Taxi Rank and File Coalition? My goodness!! If you need a quick introduction to some roots of taxi nerves, some briefing of history, of what workers in this country used to have, you need to just visit this link for a few minutes. A veteran driver writes this blog and has a plethora of stories from anther time only a handful of years ago when New York, the Taxi industry, and working world were inside a different reality.

Now flip it all over to the other end of the spectrum where a new guy has just purchased a used taxi for the sheer joy it gives him. He thinks he's strange for loving the big yellow so much, but I know that feeling. It is the love for the flag of New York City. All of the loudness that it represents and the tough grittiness that despite all of the wax coating that glazes over the dirty city, big yellow obnoxiously honest, still shines like the ugly but beautiful shining light it is. I hope your fiancé comes around eventually and while it is all icky, yucky, crappy and all, I hope at least she can love that car!!! From Travels in a Cab, The author has big plans to show big yellow to the world?? Perhaps, perhaps the world!!!

Tell me please readers, if you liked my recommendations. Because I could recommend more to you in another post if you so wish :-)



Henry Krinkle said...

I agree James and Karla shoot excellent photos.

Hope all is well,



King of New York Hacks said...

Where the hell are they shooting coffins and script bottles in a house ?? Must be the lower east side Haha !! Great suggestions bro, really cool and pro pics..love the new look and links page, nice work !! Now you can help me redesign my blog !! hahaha !! Off to check out the rest of your links, thanks Noah !! Cheers ~ Eddie

NYC taxi photo said...

oh there? oh that's my cousin's house.... Just kidding.

Haha, I have no idea, wish I knew. But that's half the fun.

Eugene Salomon said...

Love the design of the link page. Nice work.

NYC taxi photo said...