Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm back!

Did anyone miss me? Well I was never gone from the blogosphere, but I made this new years resolution to stop driving. It was a first step in a three step journey to hopefully move to California or Vermont. I don't know, it was a dream to get away from this madness and get somewhere amongst nice people who put their own mental health on the top of their priority list rather than running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Like all good new years resolutions I completely failed. I knew before 2012 began I had to leave the taxi business, that way I could start fresh for the new year. Things started half good and half bad. I went out on the weekends to photograph some neighborhoods in New York City, that was productive.

I applied to a few jobs that I knew would make less money, but at least they would help me get some more experience on my resumé to help me move to another city in due time. Unfortunately I only started applying to jobs last week. I realized that I didn't have that many dreamy cool locations in mind where I'd like to work. What if nobody calls me back?? YipeS!!! Then I looked at how much money I had left in my bank account, and compared that with what I would have to pay in the next month, DOUBLE YIPES!! Yeah, so taxi driving isn't so bad hahaha. Well it'll do. It keeps me getting out in the morning every day, it puts money in my pocket.

I'm going to try and relax now. I always tell myself the key to being a good driver is to relax and not worry about so many things... The stress of every conceivable possibility does weigh on me though and it always wins. No matter how many times I tell myself that I have plenty of work days to make money, the job just dictates all the receptors in my brain to work for that minute, and it's degrading to my right to be an independent soul.

So I'll keep this all in mind. Eventually I'll probably be overfunded again, even though I am pre-wired not to believe so. I have to make a list of things I need to buy.
  • A new pillow for my driving seat. I've had my current one for the last 6+ years, and it's really contributing to driving frustrations like a bad back, or just bad visibility and discomfort.
  • Pants. Every pair of pants I have has one or more holes in it.
  • iphone. This will solve multiple problems. I can use it as a GPS, I can watch movies, play movies, send more texts to friends, and also send live blog posts from the airports
  • A car, I would cut my commute time in half by having a car.
Maybe when these are purchased I'll be more comfortable with the work. Yes, go on a shopping spree, that'll make me happy... Pshhh!! And so the hunt for moneys begins!


Kalei's Best Friend said...

So, is it Cali or Vermont? I know you have been to California ( from your past posts)... Or are u just enjoying the moment for now?

NYC taxi photo said...

I suppose you're right. I could still move when I get some funds back. My lease for my apartment expires in May I believe, so that was my original goal. But there is one huge factor I haven't taken care of: a job. Don't think I can just move everything without the hope of getting a job there. If I can't get work here, than it's too risky to get out there. we'll see, if the ipod turns out easy enough to use, maybe taxi driving will be alright in Los Angeles, but who am I kidding, there is nothing like taxi driving here. the nice relaxing part of driving in SoCal is... I'm not driving a taxi. I want to work at trader joes out there, but if they won't hire me here, it's not worth the risk.

NYC taxi photo said...

oops-- iphone, not ipod. for gps and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I bought an iPhone n it helped me a great lot, I didn't know my way, picking somebody in manhattan n going uptown I would use garmin. I hated iPhone 3 switched to android n went back to iPhone coz it has the best google map functionality ever. Since then I keep buying new iPhones every 2 years. I m not even using garmin fir boroughs or out of state trips
I m thinking to quit taxi too, I have planned a vacation n after that either moving out to a new job or going back to school here, I bought my own taxi so it took me some time but I think it's well worth it coz I couldn't take trains everyday. After a month It was enough for me. Last time I took taxi was last month n before that 2009
Y u pay higher leases at garages while u can get a cab from
A private owner? I mean if u drive long time y didn't u buy or got a private owner cab?

NYC taxi photo said...

you're right! I can't find a private owner to lease the cab though. And still with that if it's someone else's taxi, won't it still need to be brought to their house?

also what worries me is there is no cap on the lease price, no regulations on a weekly lease, well maybe there is, but I don't know if anyone follows those rules. if I were to buy a cab and lease the medallion, than the price would be double to have the car, it'd put me in the car all the time. and what happens when the car has troubles? you have to fix the problems yourself. I was worried that the cost would be much higher actually.

But yes I hate the commute, I hate having to return the car by a certain time.

NYC said...

I intend to write a blog post for u coz it can't b a comment it wud be too big for comment now I don't kno how long it will take me to write that (I m working 7 days)
In the mean time u got great talent with snaps n Photoshop try n see if u can find some side job according to ur skills & hobby
For private owners a good hunting site online at & offline at JFK cafeteria/bathroom outer walls cab owner list their ads there, both places we use to find day partners for our selves ( we= a few friends who own cabs)
Best of luck

Mike - in Vermont said...

SINCE I'm a hillbilly in Vermont and have been so my entire life - I'll answer anything you ever need to know about it anytime. In the is a link to some state jobs. It is unuserfriendly, but you'll get the hang of it. Most jobs are in in Burlington (the nicest and most expensive area of VT) and many in Montpelier (Central VT - the Capital). For a NYC guy like yourself, you'd like southern VT. I'm one hour away from Springfield, Mass, two hours from Boston, 3 and a half from NYC. Here is that link - I'm a state worker so I can help you out as much as I can!