Thursday, September 15, 2011

A wonderful thing

Hopefully this will free me up a bit more, give me a starting point to start writing the blog more. The theme: songs that pop on the radio, and give me some peace, some tranquility as I pretend not to be an automaton making a series of turns within a square grid. This song was a clear stand out as well as some song from Fionna Apple, and another song from one of those new trendy bands. But anyways this is the song I could find and be sure this was the exact same song, and everytime Al Green starts playing I think my heart rate slows down a little, as if I was petting a cat, or staring at fish.


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Kalei's Best Friend said...

@NYC: I so agree, what I hate is when they leave a link to their site and 'beg' you to go to it!. BTW, Al Green is a fave of mine.. I grew up w/him... omg..... his songs put me in that zen state.

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Gayl said...

Nice song. I particularly like your image of it likening the state of mind it brought you to that of "petting a cat or staring at fish" - Nice image. Thanks for posting & spreadin' the love.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

You redesigned your blog? It's lost a little of its dark New Yorkian magic! Looks way too clean and modern! Go back to how you were!!!!

Logan Weiler III said...

Magnificent. Thanks for sharing the Al Green goodness.

Proposal said...

Nice image. Thanks for posting & spreadin' the love.