Saturday, September 10, 2011


well folks, I guess being that I haven't been posting much at all, it would be rude of me to go completely blank on this 10th anniversary of our movie magic tragic day, and by that I mean it was a very surreal day, I don't mean any disrespect. I'm still not ready to fully lament on my opinions and feelings about all that, mostly because I was not so closely connected with the World Trade Center, and yet I was living in New York City at the time, with my family, and we had to figure it all out. It's all still very indecipherable, I mean do we even know what these "evil powers" want? usually terrorism has a very clear protest cause, but the radical powers that are against us seem to just be doing it on the same grounds as a Hitler type, we are not like them, we are the stand out example of the opposite of them, or so they think. But to examine all of this is just to play into their hands. And let me explain, this "they" I'm talking about is a very universal "they" because as the whole terrible hate void goes on, it's all very unresolved, and until it is resolved we can't really say who is the real enemy that we have decided to fight. The radical Islamists are the one's declaring themselves the enemy, but why is Osama Bin Laden's family being protected from harm by the United States? well that can be explained, i suppose his family is good people, but mind you his family is rich, Saudi Arabia is rich and therefor they are not the enemy. The enemy becomes Pakistan, because we don't like Pakistan so much. Fine whatever, I'm not a very knowledgeable person when it comes to all of this, but just remember, the only finite thing we know is someone likes to scare us a lot, and it seems like the sources putting out the most fear are the media and the Government. The Government has been spreading less fear than it was under the Bush Admin, but still a high level of fear nonetheless. It's not so clear who we should hate, which is good news, because in order to live life to your fullest really with a clear mind, shouldn't you just always be on your quickest most ready state always, always seeing everything around you, it doesn't matter all the energies behind such things, what matters is that they are there, and we must be alive.

So there it is, my dribble. Oops, I totally wasn't going to write all of that, but it just came out. anyway, I had another idea for my blog recently. I was thinking of putting in a song a day entry, just whatever happened to come on the radio that day that particularly inspired me. Tomorrow will be different, I picked two songs that I think are expressive about the whole 9-11 thing. And Oh my gosh, can we please stop calling it that, oh and no more "Ground Zero" there is no "Ground Zero" It was and will always be the "World Trade Center" until all the buildings re-open.

Thank you, and have a pleasant September.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I so agree w/your dribble... dribble on dude....9/11 effects me harder this year- must be because of all the hype and personal crap going on on the homefront....

Cloudia said...

Today it feels like yesterday. Bless you my friend

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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NYC taxi photo said...

thanks KBF! the less crazy i think i am the more comfortable i'll be writing what I actually think, much appreciated.