Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Men In Black -take us back in time. part2 -video

here are the short videos from the event, well, I like to call it an event. It really brightened up my day, as I spent one hour of my time driving around in circles through the area trying to find a legal parking spot, which gave me more rides and more money than usual. Weirdest one was a driver who pulled up to me near the U.N. telling me he had a passenger, umm yes? well this passenger was going to Randall's Island to play baseball with his team, apparently the driver didn't know how to get there, so I got about 25 dollars or so going there. this where the shot was taken at the top of my page, I was looking for a place to relieve myself, and presto, a photo op presented itself.

This day definitely encouraged me to look at things more like I used to, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, the more aimless the driving, the more circles you take while the day seems very slow, it seems good things just happen, especially when you view everything through dreamy childlike exuberance. Oh yes then I eventually found a place to park the car and spent an hour walking around the set, much to the dismay of the people working on set, I don't know how they manage to make a movie in a public space, but that said, it is a public space and there aught to be a law the prohibits the limitations of everyday activities amongst the public.

The last four videos in this post are of people involved with the movie, enjoy: oh and btw, I am totally going to see this movie, this is one of the few movies I'm actually interested in seeing, especially rare for a movie that I've seen blocking our major intersections, but they did a very good job, everything looks really cool, and I'm impressed that they were pretty polite to the public, while also noticing the little details like authentic license plates, and authentic street signs.

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