Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shift Shots 2/22/2010

I know, it's been a while since I've posted form the archive of pics from 2010. well I pushed through a few more. Funny how I can only get stuff done, when I know that I have a limited time to do it. I should be sleeping now.

Long Island City, Queens
IMG_6142 copy

The Meatpacking District, Manhattan

IMG_6169 copy

East Flatbush, Brooklyn



Roy said...

Some gritty shots there!
I've just snatched some of my time back, hope to use it exploring the blogosphere again
Any recommendations?

NYC taxi photo said...

ah thanks! honestly i don't find the time to travel around the blogosphere enough myself. But "Cabs are for kissing" is always a favorite, the best new york one.

and though i haven't read the latest posts, the one from boston and the one from las vegas are worth the time too.

NYC taxi photo said...

oh and if anybody's reading the comments and is wondering if Roy's got a blog,


Roy I was afraid your blog disappeared for a sec, and then I found it on my links