Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fulton Street

It was an okay day perhaps 2 weeks ago or so on a Sunday, and 89.9 played this as I let the car roll around downtown. Sometimes, especially on a Sunday, the music and the environment meld perfectly together, as if both sight and sound started to speak to me.

Downtown here specifically is a work in progress. And tears are mostly shed when we place our own expectations on it, when we lend it all our baggage and weigh it down. That's my opinion. Downtown always felt like it had something to say to me, before the 11th of september around ten years ago. And forever into the future it will always speak, mostly because down here there is a time for hustle, and there is also much time of relative silence. On nights and weekends for now and in all the years past there was time when all you could hear was the wind howling from the East River to the Hudson. And the only eyes that watched me, the one soul who walked around searching for silence, were security cameras.

Maybe I'm tugging at thin air, but the lyrics seam to fit. A tale of two sisters, one who fell for a man giving her things like a gold ring. The older sister pushed the younger into the river for jealousy. And the younger sister survived, came to the man who stole her ring back and pushed her in again. I assume all three died. All succumbing to something that must have meant more to them than it really were. Because in the end all it was; It was greed and lust, disguising itself rather shallow like, as love.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

thanks for the ride...i agree, the song does fit the ride...thru those streets... 'funny' how things are usually disguised by something so basic.