Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving Along -first post from new camera

Ah well hello all. I'd like to continue my thanks to the regular readers/viewers who continue to tune in despite my less than regular postings. My transitional phase both between garages, and between cameras has taken longer than I expected to acclimate to. I just bought Quicktime Pro now, and of course one more hiccup has occurred. I have QuickTime 10, which is incompatible with the 7pro, so I guess I have to trash 10 and then get 7?? All this needs to be done so that I can manipulate the videos more. My plan is to have them at 8x speed or 4x speed depending on how long they are and how boring. Anyway without further ado I have my first video which is only 2:30 long so that should be short enough to put up on the blog without any editing. You'll see the tremendous difference in quality from my earlier cellphone shots, and hopefully you'll agree with me that this is a medium worth pursuing. Story of the clip, description whatever will continue below the video, or, "after the jump" as they say. Well here goes, direct from YouTube:

There is nothing more fantastic on a Sunday in the late morning, better in the early morning but beggars can't be choosers, than a trip to Newark Airport. Has anyone seen the famous cover in the New Yorker Magazine that jokingly painted an image of America from the eyes of us New York residents? Basically that cover scaled up Manhattan as this larger than life portion, while New Jersey was a blip on our radar and all of middle America was virtually non-existant in scale, in the far distance California could be seen but barely. When shooting video in Jersey and driving, the speed and spacial difference becomes so blatantly contrasting from the city that I feel New Jersey becomes a representative for all the rest of the country, all the rest of the world really. Being in New Jersey with a New York City licensed yellow cab is like, well, it's just an entirely sublime experience. It is as if God came to you and said "You deserve the day off, or at least an hour, oh and take an extra dollar for gas while you're here." Okay God probably has better things to do than to give you some gas money, but you get the idea.

Anyway this trip couldn't have come at a better time. You see I just bought this Kodak Zi8 camera 1 or 2 weeks ago, but I didn't buy the memory card for it yet so the thing was virtually useless. In my spare minutes I could take some sample shots from different angles to see where the camera could best be placed, I'm still working on that, but that's about all I could do. My sunday was really really slow. I talked to one or two other drivers; one guy said he drove around for 2 hours and got nothing. I came back to him a few hours later, and the same fellow told me that it had now been 4 hours without a ride. I got somebody at The Hilton in Times Square and took him to B&H, which was a measly 6.60, but he asked if I could meet him after his purchase to take him back to the hotel where he would pick up his bags and we'd go to Newark Airport!! Of all the serendipitous things!! I agreed that this was a good deal, and told him I'd give him the ride for 55 dollars plus the 6.60 ride to B&H. When I dropped him off, I told him he could pay me later, I then made a right on 33rd, parked at 10th Avenue by the AP building, ran to B&H bought the 16 gig chip, ran back to the car, pulled it around to the store and waited for him. 5 minutes later he came out, and we started the journey. total told him would be 60 for everything, and he even paid 70!! fantastic, and I got my memory card to boot.

So this little bit of footage is coming from NWK Airport heading off the prelude to the Turnpike and entering onto the Pulaski Skyway. hopefully I'll get the quicktime pro app to work soon and then I can start compressing 20 minute video into high-speed blips.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Wow, I would like to see what your frwy. looks like during the week- rush hr... Its a rarity that our 405 is that open... even on a Sun.
Anyhow, I like that camera, crystal clear for sure and a very steady hand.

NYC taxi photo said...

Hah, no I manged to stuff it between the windshield and the dashboard, but I had to drive with some concern for smoothness, so it wouldn't fall.

Star said...

Quality of the image is great, but--even with fiber optic cable--the film stops every 20 seconds, or so, to load...must be a speed problem with my connection (it's not the only instance), but I was under the impression that my connection was pretty fast (how and where I can look this up is beyond me, at the moment). In your opinion, what is the speed necessary to keep this from happening? Really looking forward to downtown NYC shots. Bye for now!