Saturday, January 15, 2011

more video shots with the phone.

Cutting in line, and blocking traffic= Jerk:
The taxicab in the middle of the screen with its flashers on slowly passed by our taxis all lined up on the side of the street, there were about 4 to 6 of us, and he stops right beside the car at the front of the line, puts his flashers on, and blocks one of three lanes on the Avenue. No respect for fellow cab drivers, and no respect for allowing a smooth flow of traffic. If everybody did this traffic would come to a halt, and nobody would get anywhere. It is perfectly accepteble if you're dropping off somebody to not pull over if you can't find the space, but this cab was vacant the whole time. Fortunately we all managed to grab our fares and get passed him, without him getting anything, hooray!!

And this is some strange driving I captured below. I went off duty and had to get to the garage to return the car without being late. As you can see it's a very stereotypical scene involving all New Yorkers with a vehicle being in a hurry as well. We're all driving safely, but to the un-trained eye it looks rather chaotic. Disclaimer, I do not condone the driving I displayed here, but I caught myself in a rut at the red light, so I had to get through, and then finding myself in the right lane when I needed to make a left, I decided to follow the rest through that light too. But You'll note that I did stop at the school bus. If you get caught going through a stop sign on a school bus you pretty much get your license suspended. The first 50 seconds aren't worth much, so you might want to skip to 40 second mark, about halfway.

And to the blogger from Madison, I do understand where your coming from: the videos: not as pleasing somehow as the photos. And while you say that it may just be your personal opinion, I think that there's more to it than that. I just don't have all the experience with video that I do with photography, but there's also no denying the fact that most of my pictures were taken with a very nice camera at a reasonable price, and edited with some expensive software. Where as the video is just crap, taken with a free phone, and very very poor quality. I'm working on making all of that better. I'm very close to buying a cheap and yet high quality solution for video making in the cab, and I think it'll be much better.

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Star said...

At least the video loads without stopping every 48,3 seconds to reload...and I have optic fiber cable. Must be the quality of the video overloading my service, even though I have fiber optic cable and fast internet service. Very annoying. I give up watching videos, even ones I *really* want to watch, if that happens.