Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Shift Shot 2/16/2010

Midtown- looking down 7th Avenue to Times Square
I posted this shot before. Because I was so excited about it I couldn't wait for its turn in the chronological order of posts. But now that this one's turn in the big folder of pictures has come up again, it only seems right to post it again. Besides, it is Times Square after all.

By this time I should be sleeping In preparation to go for the new years shift to hopefully navigate the streets safely, while still making some profits. Hope your year is well, and I hope you have many changes planned for the new year, and that most importantly- you stick to your new years resolutions rather than getting scared and settling for less, don't settle for the same old stale bread. It always seems like we've come so far until we look back and see we haven't gained much ground doesn't it?

Well cheers! Raise a glass,
only one glass now, no need to forget everything,
and ring in the new year!


g said...

Happy new year! I love your blog (even if i don't comment). I follow it on Google Reader. Have a safe year driving!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

OMG, u have to work that crowd this year? U and my TSA friend who has to work tomorrow and deal w/the folks going home...Drive safe-be wary of who u pick up....

NYC taxi photo said...

eh, i couldn't go to sleep in time to wake up in time. so i'm off.

jezblog said...

Yo Noah Happy 2011 bro..... love all your stuff as ever....this pic is mighty....... stay safe out there mate...... hope to see you sometime soon :-))


Goggla said...

I think I said this before, but wonderful shot!