Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shift Shots 2/8/2010

Well here we are, it's practically 2011 already and I have yet again not managed to finish posting the shift shots for the year, and certainly haven't found the best shots of the year either. But anyway, I'll carry on. And as I've been saying for quite sometime, I do intend to move this blog to video eventually, but I have a lot of research, okay, a little research to do, before we go that way, as I haven't purchased the camera for the job. were there any glitches with seeing the video from the last post? That's one more question I might have, is it better to feed the video through youtube, or is flickr ok? Anyway lets carry on with this. Cheers, and have a happy new year if I don't post 'till then.

IMG_5883 copy

The East Village


Astoria, Queens
IMG_5911 copy

IMG_5913 copy


Kalei's Best Friend said...

U know I am a fan of your window shots.. the last one is so balanced. everything fits.. reminds me of perfect puzzle pieces..

NYC taxi photo said...

Thanks! I'm very lucky to have a city with so much to offer.

Real cab driver said...

I'm a fan of photos. I'm not sure if I'm simply a dinosaur, but I don't watch on line videos much.

You photos should become a book, I'm sure you could get it published.