Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shift Shots 1/8/2010

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Just had to look this one up to be sure where it was on the fabulous Google, I can't say enough about how amazing google maps is. They came complete with 35 reviews of this place. Piecing together the good reviews with the bad, I'm leaning on believing that while this place may not be absolutely the worst, it is still not worth the time, and while it is really beautiful to look at, that's about all it's good at doing. Too bad, it looks so inviting. Anyway this kicks off yet another year of belated shift shot posts. Happy 2010 everybody!!! Oh what's that you say? You say it's almost 2011, nonsense, I live in the past!


Star said...

I *love* my Canon Coolpix 5700, it takes *great* shots with the automatic setting, and I play with the manual settings now and then, but too separated by stretches of time to remember anything I've learned. I do, however, wish that the black-white option were available for the automatic settings (it's has to switch to the manual settings,'s very maddening that they have stopped making the rechargeable battery for that model, which cost a hunk o' bucks when I bought it, and it still works marvelously, but now I have to shell out big bucks for the one-time-use batteries, and do my part for creating stock piles of battery waste). So, my question for you is: how is it with your camera? Can you easily switch back and forth between color and black-and-white? Do you use the automatic, or manual, settings, or both, as fancy dictates? (P.S., I miss the header photo with all the people crossing the crosswalk...this one under the underpass is a good photo, but I find it quite sad.)

NYC taxi photo said...

Okay, noted, I'll focus on changing that top pic soon, though I haven't found anything better lately.

and no my camera never had a black and white option. I do all of that later when I edit the picture in photoshop. I look at it and see what it'll look better in. I say why should you have to choose right when you take the picture, then I assume you can't change it back. black and white is getting rid of color, might as well keep your options open. though if you don't have a good program to change to black and white, probably the camera will make it a better truer black and white, no blue, no brown, no green etc..

Star said...

Silly me, why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the idea! I'll check out my image program, but am pretty sure it will let me do that.