Tuesday, November 30, 2010

As we head to the future, a link to the past

While looking for articles on the latest goings on at the Taxi and Limousine Commission in reference to their search for the taxi of tomorrow, I found myself at this treasure trove of history from DeSoto. The page goes in detail about how DeSoto came to be a New York Taxicab and thus, an american taxi, and thus an american icon before the Checker Marathon. Pictures on the left, words on the right, It's fantastic, seeing all of the stuff they equipped these cars with, and it's very timely too, as these were purpose built vehicles, taken from the factory and re-engineered to some degree to meet the demands of customers, drivers, taxi-companies, and the regulatory board, which at that time was the hack bureau of the New York Police Department.

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Star said...

A long while back, took a fun and comfortable drive down the pacific coast in an already-old-pre-individual-front-seats car. Aaaah, what comfort, particularly for us tall folks...the curving of the 'bucket' and individual seats is almost always too short for my comfort. Those 'bench' seats, even in the front, were so comfy!
Thanks for jostling up that memory.