Friday, October 1, 2010

Shift Shots 11/23/09

Far West Side

Curry Hill / Turtle Bay / Flatiron District
Eh it's on the border of all those neighborhoods, though it could definitely be labeled Curry Hill, that almost seems offensive, not sure that is an actual name for the neighborhood yet.

Flatiron District
This building was featured in the New York Times, mentioned as a new trend in design. I'm not sure weather to be disgusted with it, as it pays no mind to its surrounding environment by sticking out like a sore obelisk, but on the other hand it does have an interesting design. I'm leaning more on the disgusted side with this though. See in New York City we have a thing called air rights. Each building has a specific number of floors it is allowed to have, so when the landowner purchased this land they bought the land rights of practically every other property on the block so they could some how pack so many floors into this tiny lot of space and claim these views at the foot of Madison Avenue and Madison Square Park. It is hard not be disgusted when you have a friend who is a broker for rental apartments and is always telling you the prices that the average apartment is going for. Average, and I stress, average studio apartments in the West Village are going for $2,175 per month; That's in a neighborhood with very old buildings where foundations are sagging, and construction may have never been at a quality level to begin with, being that the neighborhood was never intended for people with money, but rather, the low income families. Oh and did I mention small apartments, bad electrical fuses, no elevators, bad plumbing, and roach infestations? In the Upper East Side the average price paid for studio apartments is $1,711 and of course those apartments may have all the previously noted qualities as well.

Lower East Side

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As concise a history of the LES as I've ever seen. Incredible work.