Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Prius

If you haven't seen my album of current taxis, it's one of those things I've been excited about. Since I've taken a picture of each cab currently in service the excitement has faded, but the new Toyota Prius was the most recent car that I hadn't taken a good picture of. This one is a little better replacement of the last picture I had on file.


You might also want to check out my other photo albums, the taxis of the past I put a lot of effort into, and it brought me much joy in finding so many of the models that have gone into and out of service, as well as the colors, they weren't always yellow here.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I bet whatever cab driver gets to drive that small car has to pass up the big fares? it may be more economical but is it really in the long run?

John said...

The Prius is the most fantastic car ever. People love to ride in it and feel how quiet it is.
So what if you have to pass over a guy with 5 suitcases, he probably wouldn't tip anyhow.
Save the world drive a Prius.
A taxi co. in Perth has 28 of them and they have passed the 500,000Kms mark.
The newer one is a bit bigger than mine.

Martin van Duijn said...

Toyota will offer an Prius based MPV soon - that might be an even better car for taxi purposes.