Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shift Shots 11/8/09

Greetings! I send this post to you from L.A. I'm on my vacation. I did the photoshop work on these on the plane as there was a plug under the seat!! Hazzahh, life is, well not spectacular, but quite nice. And now I finally have an internet connection. And yes I still have pictures from 2009 to post here.

59th Street Bridge/A.K.A. Queensboro Bridge - From Manhattan

Grand Central Station

Upper West Side

Grand Central Station- Park Avenue bridge
It must've been really bad on the bridge between Park Avenue to the south of 40th Street, and Park Avenue north of 46th Street, as these cars were steering their large turning radius vehicles as tight as they could go to make the U-turn.

Astoria, Queens


Star said...

Each one better than the other. Great photos. Thanks. (Enjoy L.A.!)

Anonymous said...

The first picture looks amazing.