Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shift Shot of 11/1/09

Stuyvesant Town

November 1st was the first day the new M.T.A. Surcharge of 50 cents was added to every ride. I thought it'd be a helpful reminder if people saw a metro card when they looked at the meter, though some people may have thought I was tampering with it. I didn't initially rig this card on to the meter until one guy tried to tell me all about how I shouldn't be charging an extra 50 cents after 6am, I told him the MTA thing, and then he felt dumb, still didn't give me more money though, he was prepared with a certain amount to start his day, a typical New Yorker set in his ways, though quickly adapting, come the 2nd of November he'd be ready.

Sometimes people still don't understand the extras on the meter. Tourists think extras means tips, rather than taxes, rather than tolls, rather than the night and the prime-time surcharges. It is the system's fault for making it look so complicated. The meter shouldn't say extras, it should say tolls, and all other charges should be included in the fare section on the meter.

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Tanya Bermudez said...

Love the positive spin on something that would otherwise be extremely discouraging for everyone involved. Very interesting :)