Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shift Shots 9/28/09

Upper East Side

Hamilton Heights




Kalei's Best Friend said...

Cool pano of the first one!. The last one I love... and I know u didn't edit that into b&w.. don't u just love how u can get the light just right on a mono colored subject?

NYC taxi photo said...

well it was a very mono colored subject, but I switched it to b+w to emphasize it more.

Usui de Itamarac√° said...

great pics!
I loved the tourist couple with matching t-shirts! rs
I enjoy yourr pictures, I'd never thought there would actually exist a taxi driver who takes photos of what he sees on the streets, it's fantastic your point of view!

NYC taxi photo said...

oh thank you, but I have to admit i'm not the first nor the last taxi driver who takes pictures.

look at David Bradford who has two books.

also there is another taxi photo blogger right on my right hand side bar links. it's just irresistible i guess to take pictures while having such an opportunity to see the city.

glad you like my site!

Piloto Automatico said...

Hello there.
'Linked you up on my blogger reader recently, sort of out of curiosity (I've never been in NYC) and it's been a nice surprise to see every photo you post.
In this case I loved the reflex of your cab on the upper photo, nice snap.

Madame De Jezebel said...

Very Nice