Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Ooh, I've had two comments congratulating me on being a blog of note! Well that would explain the uptick in readers despite my not having updated for 14 days, when before that I was updating twice a week. I still have these pictures from a wedding dinner I need to finish correcting, and so it's holding up my production. Also one of the other taxibloggers asked me about my camera, and this would be the second time he's asked so since answers aren't usually checked back in comment responses I'll answer that question again here: I have a Cannon Rebel xti digital. I keep it on 1600 iso almost always, and I have a fixed 28mm lens (a lens that doesn't zoom), the lens was an extra but it only costed 100 bucks. It can shoot at a an aperture of 1.8 if it needs to. I've recently bought another cheap lens for 100 bucks that goes to 1.4 aperture, but it is a 50mm, and if anything I need a wider lens, and so I've kept that lens at home to make sure it doesn't get broken by bouncing around in my bag. Now that the sun has come out in full force I switch the iso to 400 or 200 iso in the middle of the day. I always keep the setting on fully automatic (P). If I have the time, and I see that a picture is over or under exposed, I can still set the camera to over, or underexpose by a stop or two. Other tricks include exhaling before taking the picture and also resting the camera against the door, the steering wheel, or the dashboard at night. Also putting the camera on continuos shooting and manual focus eliminates a slow reaction time for the camera before it takes a shot. Hmmm what else, not all shots taken are shots that should be used. I'd say at best 1 out of every 5 is worth considering.

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