Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shift Shot 9/6/09

East village

This was the same day that I had the guy who just up and walked out of my cab, I wrote a post about that, of course it was a little closer to the date, somewhere in september when I posted that. So it was nice to get out and stretch my legs. I ran into a guy they call pastrami who I knew back from when I worked at the health food store near here. He's a very positive person, so I almost felt guilty for telling him about what had happened earlier, but some people are just that way, you see them and you feel you can just dish it all, still it was big negative trip, and I didn't have to pollute the artsy environment here with one of those stories. this day was a special art festival day, where artists who paid for their space or signed up or both, would set-up shop at the park fence and do a piece throughout the day, very cool it was. and I enjoyed some of Ray's fries.

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