Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does anyone have any Neighborhood blogs?

I always wanted to have links on my left hand side for many neighborhoods across the city. But all I wound up with are a handful from the East Village. Alas one of them, 'Neither More Nor Less' has stopped posting. I tried sometime ago to go hunting for good blogs in neighborhoods across the city, but mostly I found diaries of peoples lives, or articles that seemed to reflect pay offs, i.e. new restaurant openings, and apartments for sale. If anybody knows a good blog that actually looks around and discovers something in another neighborhood please let me know.


Anna said...


Please check us out and possibly link to us, we're trying to get in touch with community blogs to help get the word out.

Thanks a lot!

Anna Gordon
Community Relations
The Space at Tompkins

NYC taxi photo said...

Alright, I was looking for other blogs in different neighborhoods, as there seems to be too many blogs that cover ground in that neighborhood, but I put your link in anyway, as its layout and goal are so substantial.

So your blog is a documentation of the progress on a goal to help those without healthcare in the Tompkins Square Park area?

NYC taxi photo said...

unfortunately I couldn't find how to automatically update your link every time a new blog is posted, it says it can't find the feed, which is strange because you clearly have a rss feed. I know there is some way around this to give a combination of the feed's url, and the url of your site, but it isn't working/i don't remember how.