Friday, April 30, 2010

Shift Shots 8/15/09

As you probably know these photo posts are way behind. Back especially in the summer of last year, the diner was a big spot for me, and I just tried to get as many rides as I could from it, and sometimes I would even cruise Williamsburg and if the night was just right I could get a whole roll of rides one after the next before the sun came out. Now though, I've been feeling that getting the cab an hour or two early doesn't pay the dividends, rather not only is it riskier always never knowing what types I'll grab up, and what they'll do when they get inside, but even more so, I might not even find anybody. Seems lately that the people all have been pretty responsible with their time management, and leave the bars heading straight home before I can even wake up. I don't remember what the story was with these two, but the shot clearly illustrates the mystery, the adventure, and the fear of not knowing what my next minute will bring. One thing is for sure, I had to wait here while she leaned into my cab, being held, hugged and so on and so on, weather it was a goodbye moment, or a quest for a longer night, or both, not so sure. All I know is the night is so much different from the day.

My guess for this is Lower East Side though I couldn't verify it with Google Maps

East 14th Street -Gramercy/East Village
This was either the first or the second day of the city's experiment with closing Park Avenue to motor vehicles. My guess is it was the second day/week of the experiment. Seeing that it was nearing the hour that Park Avenue was to open back up for traffic, and remembering how bad that final hour of closure was, I took advantage of a free parking meter as it was sunday, and I walked over to Union Square to seek a bathroom and also take some pictures of the bicyclists enjoying ownership of famous street for a large portion of the morning. I should make this perfectly clear though, for the most part it wasn't so bad, it didn't have a terrible effect on traffic. However for that last hour, traffic was so terrible. Cars would be so anxious to get across the Avenue, couple that with the fact that in order to open the Avenue up, the traffic cops actually had to halt traffic for about 5 minutes, it created chaos, and the chaos was completely insane in the tight streets of SoHo in particular. Traffic crossed Park Avenue and all the similar streets with great ease until the last hour.

Union Square
This is the bike thing, and despite my somewhat harsh editorial on it, I look forward to seeing it again, it seemed the volume of cars in Manhattan for the most part, didn't show up to drive that sunday.


Elmhurst, Queens

Not completely confirmed with google maps, and me and Google alike get completely lost in Queens, But I'm pretty confident this is in Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights, Queens

Woodside, Queens


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