Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shift Shots 7/12/09

I'm making a little change in the format here, placing the neighborhood caption above the photo rather than below. I'm hoping it will be even clearer to group the caption with the image for you readers this way. Sometimes in the posts before, if two or more photos in a row are from the same neighborhood one might have associated the wrong title, I'm nit picking but hopefully this is better.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Before I picked up my first fare, I saw this on this hot muggy summer day. One may wonder if the first injuries would be caused by a flying fist, or by a big city bus to the backside. Needless to say I'm sure nothing went too badly, but it had me a little extra skittish to be on my most alert for the drunks.

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Union Square

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
As I just used google maps to confirm this location, I think I may have caught on to a brainstorm DUHH moment. The neighborhood Bedford-Stuyvesant is perhaps bordered by the streets Bedford Avenue, and Stuyvesant Avenue, yeah? pretty much seems about right. Okay no, the borders are more like between Bedford Avenue and Brooklyn's Broadway, even more accurately Classon Avenue and Broadway, the other streets that mark the border are Brooklyn's Park Avenue and Atlantic Avenue, eh, so not as easy, but it was a close assumption I had there for a minute.

Laguardia Airport, Flushing, Queens


Cloudia said...

Real nice.

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

NYC Cabbie said...

Last Friday on 1st street and 1st Avenue I saw one stupid guy fighting with a girl, and she was hitting him with some kind of stick, I was with fare and as soon I turned on 1st avenue I realized fight was much bigger, as there were actually two groups fighting.
And your photo in Williamsburg of girls sitting on bus stop from side view mirror is priceless.

NYC taxi photo said...

wow, that sucks, I love how 1st street turns to first avenue and all the traffic lights on first avenue turn green. but lately I've been worried about not being able to see who wants a cab around the corner until I'm stuck waiting at that red light.

The summer is coming, and I hope that the east village will stay safe.