Sunday, March 7, 2010

The best taxi story in New York taxi blog history?

Is not my story, no I don't take enough chances, and I slap myself for that every time. This is the entire point of this job, to see and hear everyone, and to gain some insight into the entire functionality of the world we as people are creating.

Enough said.

I can't further describe things that for the most part never occur. I have a few tid bits, of stories I'm almost done with, trivial, inconsequential, mundane, a summary of what our daily lives usually are, especially when you compare it to this story:

As for me, I'm umm, working? I think? right now? That is I have a cab parked downstairs and I'm using it to move television sets between my parent's house and my own. The stupid GPS system is fucking broken, and so I can't trust having a ride with a large credit card transaction, or any credit card transactions, they aren't going through, the machine just trusts that they are legit, but the funds won't be paid to me until they are verified by the computer, so fuck all of it, fuck it all, I'm using the cab, I'm using it for myself, I've made enough to pay for the lease, or not, basically I have a rental car for the price of gas and 10 bucks.


Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

Thank you for the link and the taxi blog brownie points. You're not such a bad storyteller yourself my friend. Keep up the good work. I've promised myself to try and post every other day at least. Not easy, but worth trying. It's how you build readership, which could lead to a book deal. You never know. Feel free to be as critical of my writing as you want. I need the tough love.

taxi taxis said...

I think you've missed your vacation a bit in the taxi driver vain! Having driven a taxi in London UK for many years I hear you! especially as my credit card system is not working!!! take care
Mike - London Taxi Driver