Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The rude cab

Here was the situation: It is the summer time, and the money was getting harder to come by. after slowly stalking the neighborhood, finally a customer is found. She was aiming to get a cab going north and she had big rolling luggage; almost certainly an airport fare. I waited patiently at the light while the cab beside me rolled forward, not only forward, but into my lane, almost hitting the old man walking across the street who doesn't give a damn. To my surprise the customer didn't give a damn either and she took this idiot's cab to the airport despite his jack-assary.

Don't be this woman. You have the power to discriminate based on the kindness of your driver. The un-written rule should be that whoever is in the side lane gets the customer. Another cab should be more than one car length away from the car in the side lane when crossing over to it.

step one for what not to do-

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Cloudia said...

He "souped" you - do NYC cabbies say that like here in Honolulu?

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

NYC taxi photo said...

hah, no, I've never heard this phrase before. I'd like to hear it in some regional accent, bet it would sound awesome.

hackneyed sojourn said...

We used to say "scooped," as in, "he scooped my job."
On a radio call, when seeing a full cab pull away with a fare from our address, we would inform the dispatcher, "I've been scooped," or when in doubt, "I smell scoop."

NYCabbie said...

I don't jump on others fare neither let anyone else to jump on to my fare, you should have not let this idiot in front of you.
BTW did you get any encounter with TLC or NYPD for camera use? One driver I know, got ticket while using his phone on fire hydrant for not being legally parked and being on phone.

NYC taxi photo said...

yeah, it happened again recently too, some gu was on my right side only there wasn't a lane there, than he went through the light.

but no I've never been ticketed for using my camera, I don't use a camera phone. And thanks for commenting, good to see your back on your blog, I just got a ticket for going through a light last week, so I'm back in a ticket hole again.

watch out for the white prius and the light blue ford escape. might be big guys with blue jackets and walky talkies, or women, the tlc is looking for the ear pieces with the phones, and they might also be watching for cabs stopped in a lane of traffic near all the hotels too.

NYCabbie said...

According to new regulations, we are not suppose to use any kind of electrical device while driving, which includes ipods and cameras too, just watch out for the THOSE guys.

NYC taxi photo said...

oh, thanks yeah, didn't realize