Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ultimate SNAFU!!

I'm sorry I haven't taken the time to post stories. I feel writing is an integral part to the blog, and while hopefully keeping you all interested (my readership has been falling a little bit), writing about such memorable moments help me gain a sense of relevance to it all, it makes me feel self important, and also it helps get some nightmares out of my system. No scratch that last one; writing helps me re-analyze these situations.

The truth is most of the time, people come and they go without much of a problem. I believe, naively perhaps, that I have worked out routes and systems that make me feel most comfortable during the sketchy hours. But sometimes hard realities befall us. Harsh realities befall us all. Statistically it would seem impossible not for life to throw us the curve balls. This all said, all is well that ends well. But still each day I worked: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday; each one carried unusual curve-balls into my routine. Most of these interactions were mundane and overblown to a more dramatic proportion, be it, with people, or machine, my weekend I can honestly say, was interesting, if not eye opening, and life changing even.

preview - I ran a red light, I grabbed the underbelly of secret night new york, and I grabbed the most average of people, only to find out I was at one point being used as hostage transportation, I yelled, I cried, and I was deemed a hero. And each emotion happened in separate instances throughout the 3 days of work. No folks I'm sorry but I still can't muster the energy to involve myself deeply enough to write the post, but hopefully soon, very soon, I'll push this post out. In the mean-time, let the suspense build.

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