Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jetta TDI Wagon!!


Just a few days ago I was thinking about the alternative taxi choices. If a driver does decide to buy their cab the decisions can be daunting. While saving half your daily gas costs when buying a hybrid or diesel, questions still come quickly about weather these smaller cars can do everything that the Crown Victoria can.

Major sticking points:
  • Durability
  • Trunk space
  • Passenger space
  • Safety
Ford has supposedly proven itself durable, and if not that at least it is cheap to fix. On the other hand a hybrid engine might cost more to fix, and so would a diesel, but the money saved in gasoline might outweigh the maintenance. The Ford Escape is top heavy, a small S.U.V. that may tip over in strong evasive maneuvers. It's trunk space is pretty good, preferred by hotels over the Crown Victoria, but the legroom for the passengers is debatable. Looking at all the hybrid choices in cars, the trunk room is a joke, space is cut practically in half. The only hybrid taxi choice that seems to provide lots of trunk space and passenger space is the Toyota Highlander, a medium size S.U.V. with some intimidating bulges on the exterior design. The Problem with the Highlander though, is it's size may lead it into lots of tings and dings, bruises, and so on. The gas Mileage on it is great in comparison to the Crown Victoria, but for the great price of more than $40,000, you'd expect more.

So I think about the Volkswagen Jetta Diesel. The car is the size of a Toyota Corolla, but the trunk space is surprisingly large. The major benefit of Diesel is it doesn't take up valuable trunk space, and since diesel is not a new technology the chances are greater for a long lasting vehicle I would think. I fantasized about driving around that great car and spending less than 15 dollars a day on gas, rather than 35. And still, I wondered, would there be enough trunk space? perhaps having less room for passengers wouldn't be such a bad thing, but a larger trunk is absolutely necessary. And just days later, I saw the Jetta Wagon as a taxi.


Anonymous said...

Bueno, entonces, ¿Cual es el que compramos?

Yo creo que la mejor opción es un híbrido monovolumen (Toyota Versus) o alguno similar. Aquí en Zaragoza (España) parece no importarnos mucho el espacio del maletero... y aveces ni el de los ocupantes, porque son trayectos de 5 minutos.

El único híbrido que se utiliza por aquí es el Toyota Príus.

Un saludo y un fuerte abrazo.


NYC taxi photo said...

Thank you for checking in- yes I have thought that it might work well if we have some drivers who work the short rides, use smaller cabs, and the ones who do airports and hotels grab larger cabs.

here though a lot of cabs do get both. but overall it may be best to get the prius or the jetta. because the average ride is $7.00

Seinberg said...

Very cool blog, man. Just ran across it.

Have you considered an Accord Hybrid? Or another mid-sized sedan that's hybrid.

Also, I innocently ask because I don't really know, but wouldn't it be okay to have a smaller car, e.g. a Prius, and just cherry-pick people without lots of luggage? Yesterday is a perfect example of when I simply could not find a cab--*every* one was taken, and I just wanted to hop across several avenues to the A train to avoid the rain and cold. A Prius is perfect for that kind of situation.