Sunday, September 6, 2009

On Camera

If you're in the Netherlands, keep an eye out for my cab, on television. September 9th through 11th I may be on one of those days on the program 'Man Bites Dog' or at least the view of New York City from my cab taking ride over the bridge. They needed some video footage for their program commemorating 100 years from the dutch colonization back when it was New Amsterdam.

Today was not so good for me, had a fair beater, just up and walk right out. I was like "Are you done?" like dude, you know, are you really doing this? apparently that's exactly what he did, didn't even run, just up and walked slowly out. kinda dumb. So I pulled up to him as he walked across the street and took his picture. Then I called the police. A huge step for me as I used to not believe in the police actually doing anything correct, but they've been convincing me otherwise lately; showing up quick to stuff around the city, and generally appearing to believe in the work they do. Well I called and gave my dumb description, but still I was impressed that they didn't tell me it wasn't emergency and they were actually going to send police over. I told her though that I wasn't going to stick around. So I'm not really sure if calling did much of anything. I have my doubts that it goes on any record at all if you don't stay put to file the report. We just don't have time for that, I mean I would have all the time in the world if the dude left a violent impression on me, but he wasn't a threat. As I was making the call I saw him peering into a mini-van, but then he saw me seeing him so he changed directions a few times, his walk became brisk, then he started jogging, towards my car, so I drove off, while still telling the operator which direction he was headed. I suppose since I made the call, it was at least monitored and recorded, so hopefully at the very least, we will have one more number recorded for people who've evaded their cab fare. You know how many people have evaded my cab fare in the last 4 or 5 years? 3, yes that's all, just 3, not including those who underpaid a little, that I don't mind. I then spotted a cop car, and I thought maybe we could all drive around and find him, but the cop told me that once a guy goes inside a building, they can't get him, ummm, ok, but he's not in a building, he's just walking around, probably looking to break into a car. I picked him up in Chelsea where there were 3 cop cars near the scene probably responding to a break in, or robbery, if my imagination wondered, I could imagine that'd be him too, but he looks to incapable of doing... anything, but still, if just any of these calls to the police were answered, maybe we'd have arrested a guy who might do 3 separate crimes within a few hours.

Other than that the day was nice, beautiful day. They were painting personal art murals on the fence in Tompkins Square Park, so I stopped in at Rays and bought some fries, had my coffee stop in Park Slope. The breeze from the ocean was strong all day, and right when I was about to return my car it looked like it would start to rain. It wasn't a strong money day, I dodn't think anybody did particularly well. The day before however was exceptional, I did so well, I got a ride from Manhattan to Greenpoint Brooklyn, and from there, another ride to LaGuardia, I know karma is dealing me a good hand when that happens.

And so we take the good with the bad, because these are the peeks and valleys of life, and we should just be happy we have what we have.

pics, soon


ChickenUnderwear said...

You should post that jerks photo.

Cloudia said...

Your making me miss my taxi days!
It's cool to visit the city with you. Fare beaters, yeah, Like the 5 big Samoan guys who all got out, left every door in my cab open, then walked calmly in 5 diff directions....better than the guy who showed me his gun....
Make Money! Be Safe! Pics soon!


Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...

Just saw you on tv here in the Netherlands!

NYC taxi photo said...

Really? my computer can't view the videos so I can't tell. Are you sue it wasn't Gene who writes this blog -

NYC taxi photo said...

I'm pretty sure you saw Gene and not me. They used both of us, but they probably just used the stuff with gene, as he did more with them. I have no idea weather I am in there or not, because my computer can't see any of the videos and they haven't emailed me a thank you, with video footage.

But when I look up taxi, I see several pages with the other driver. Gene's a good guy, he deserves all the attention, however it wouldv'e been nice if they didn't lead me on.

Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

A side note: I really like the way you've got your blog rolls arranged so neatly on the left. The various types of blogs bunched together is an intriguing thing to look at.