Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 seconds are hard to come by

I'm agonizing right now over weather I am or am not featured any where in the Dutch program 'Man Bites Dog' (Man bijt hond), for their special series airing over there in connection to our 400th anniversary of when the Dutch colonized the New York area (Formerly New Amsterdam).

If the footage was featured with me driving, it would be much like the picture I've posted up top, as they wanted footage of the skyline going over a bridge.

I'm pretty sure it was Gene that got a big segment, and Gene deserves a good deal, you can view his blogs here -- Cabs Are For Kissing -- and --Pictures From a Taxi-- He's been at this game for a long time, and knows his stuff.

Anyway I thought my email I just sent to Man bijt hond was pretty funny - here it is -

Hey good people at Man Bites Dog:

I wanted to write a thank you for the time we spent driving across the bridges, but please! can you send me the videos from the new york show? I just downloaded microsoft silverfish and I still cannot see any of the video footage on your website. I have a comment on my blog who says they've seen me, but I believe they have been mistaken, I think I mislead my readers, making them think that I am Gene, the charismatic night cabbie, when I am -------, the mundane young day cabbie, who I fear is not featured in the show. Nonetheless I would like to at least view watch your show. I have an old teacher friend who is now living in the netherlands, and I'd like them to watch the show. I'd also like videos that I can post to my blog:

Can you please send me an email in return which has the show on quicktime, or some other software that can be viewed with an Apple Computer?

And thank you, for the experience of working with the staff at Man Bijt Hond


Eugene Salomon said...

Hey, -----, thanks for the kind words and the links. Yes, it was me. Do you have Windows Media Player? I was able to download the videos with it, although the streaming could be a bit of a wait, at least on my computer. I'll be putting up the links in my next post. I have to take issue with you on one thing, though - I consider myself a model for mundane. In fact, I'll bet I could out-mundane you any day of the week!

Gusgamashuq Abunoori said...

Did they respond?

NYC taxi photo said...

nope they ignored it, rightly so, as in that next blog post, I found that i was in the header before each full episode, for a split second.