Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday is a no funday

Oh looks like somebody's got a case of the Monday's. Interesting cab I got today, had more then 150k miles on it, and it smelled and drove like a dream. My garage has about half of it's fleet of cars at 30 to 40 thousand miles, and the other half at just over 137 thousand. The 130k cars usually have something flaky going on, usually a delayed transmission, so this car was a real treat. The seat in the back looked fresh from the factory too, really strange, well it did have some stitching and patching, but it was done so well I barely noticed. Okay lets get to the point today, where is everybody? I guess since Labor Day comes next Monday everyone is opting to take this week off before the unofficial end of the summer.

Had a moment of expression with a driver in a blinged out Nissan Altima hybrid taxi, that's right, it had chrome mirrors, chrome pillars, chrome door moldings, and matching seat covers, also it was partition-less, usually the mark of an independent cab owner who drives during the day and parks the car rather than leasing it out for extra cash, while he sleeps. He said Mondays have been slow, and he was right, for sure, this whole month I've been doing Mondays, and each one was disappointing, with the following work day always easier.

Stupid Bed Bath and Beyond was completely fruitless, and when I got a customer after waiting a whole 5 minutes (5 minutes in New York City is like 45 minutes to the rest of the world) I didn't get another stamp towards the 25 dollars off coupon that I'm obviously not going to get. Whatever I'll buy my microwave somewhere else. So it looks as though nearly an entire cup of coffee was spilled in my cab, to which nobody told me, until I took the time to park the car and leaned on my right heal with full extension of my left leg to peer over the partition and saw the smooth creamy brown stuff pooling in the floor well. My last customer was a guy leaving the hospital in crutches, poor guy, placed his feet in the coffee, and said nothing. Maybe he spilled the coffee, I guess that'd make the most sense. I wanted to blame it on those damn meddling kids. I had a bunch of tweens who were set for life get in the car. One of them turned on the A/C in the back off and on, and off and on. For most I switch the A/C on in the front so that the cool air blasts the back rather then the customer getting hit with just hot air, but on a day like today it was totally breezy, and the sun only made a few supporting appearances. The sun wasn't baking the sidewalk as it is known to do here, really our summer has been amazingly mild. Yeah so those darn kids, another hoped out at the transverse in the park while we were stuck in some traffic, but when we caught up with him then passed him and stopped at the light, he hoped back in. They paid with credit, 9.30, and they gave a 50 cent tip, so I did what came natural, giving the engine a rev in neutral to 3k revs, then peeled out on the upper east side street as I left. these expressions, peeling out, throwing coins, they don't do much, as people rarely even care to notice, and also these gestures have you loosing more money, in gas and coins. No, no, I never threw coins at people, okay I threw coins out my window once, but it was at night, about 200 feet from the people, maybe somebody who deserved the coins found them. And the revving of the engine, that poor, poor engine, it was doing so well, why put a beautiful thing to death? there's always tomorrow. Oh yes, the coffee, I placed a carpet of free Newspapers down to soak it up.


ChickenUnderwear said...

That coffee spill made me think of a story you might appreciate.

I used to work in Greenwich Village and (still) live in Park Slope. One day I got some nasty food poisoning. My boss was gonna call an ambulance. I said naw, I just gotta get home. She gave me cab fare.

I kept the cash because I figured it is better etiquette to get sick on the subway.

I did, in a trash can at Grand St, Dekalb Ave, Atlantic Ave and 7th Ave. I woulda made a mess in a cab.

NYC taxi photo said...

ah yes that's nice, not so much for you though, wow three separate stops.