Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shift Shots 4/26


Calvin Klein Has already changed the ad above, to a more controversial one, featuring three guys and a girl. Find the newer one and the reports of outcry via the EV Grieve blog, and Bowery Boogie blog. Most of us though, don't give a damn about the ad, there used to be a place nicknamed the 'cross-section of the world' and it was right here in New York City. Remember, how it used to be full of smut? Yes I'm alluding to the old Times Square, and if you walk by the Port Authority at the right time, people still offer tits and ass like it were marijuana. So I don't think a raunchy pin-up should get anyone around here too riled up.

UPDATE- They changed the ad yet again, no more half naked people anymore, lame. I'll post the pic of the latest ad soon.

Manhattan Bridge, Looking towards Manhattan

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