Sunday, July 19, 2009

personal situation- 2

Got real lucky just now, got a ride right near my new place out here in the nether regions of Brooklyn. So I'm having a second breakfast I'll probably wash the dishes, so on and so forth. Yesterday was no good for money, more so than usual, lately the real bad days are record lows, like as low as they were when I was just starting 3 or 4 years ago. I have to re-think my work schedule, this I knew before I moved, but it seems ever more apparent when a real bad day comes, it doesn't help the situation that's for sure. All my weekend shift days would have to be at the highest possibility of profit for me to go on living with a 2 day a week work plan, and even then it would have been on a shoe string budget. So I'm noting various garages and thinking about what type of work schedule would be easiest for me and my time, allowing for profit, and for the enjoyment of life without being in a mobile cocoon for what may quickly feel like eternity. Cab driving is a beautiful experience, much like sky diving, or the wild rodeos of bucking broncos and cattle, but if you do it constantly, it may take its toll, so it is a balancing act to keep at it on a schedule and with an attitude that will promote such good feelings. Does any of this make sense?

I'm thinking about maybe doing a weekly day shift 7 days a week for a discount that amounts to one day free of charge every week, or maybe just doing 4 days a week also the day shift. I get envious of the night shifters on Saturday and Sunday nights as the traffic lightens up and the streets are filled with people who have to go to the bars and then back home, but the downside, well there are so many to the night shift, and I figure if I worked tuesday or wednesday night, there would be nobody for long stretches of time. It's a lot to ponder.

Now if I were really going to do the 7 day a week thing, I was thinking of pushing this blog and my life, into more technological directions. I'd get the iphone, and start blogging live from work, kind of like I'm doing now, only I'd actually write anecdotes from the shift while on taxi lines. Maybe I'd start taking pictures with the phone, and uploading the shots live and direct, so you'd know where I was every hour or so. I'd also get a personal GPS Unit to help me with those hard to reach places. hmmm exciting stuff, I just hope I'd still have time for getting to gether with friends, and for my photoshop editing, and posting of the more carefully shot pictures.

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Eveland said...

And to have a life... while living.. it's all a balancing act. I hope you find yours.