Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shift Shots 3/22 (a)

Long Island City, Queens
Just before the shift, I saw what looked like a car, but had become a large chunk of discarded aluminum foil, adorned with mint condition 20 inch rims. I suppose it was pulled here, to the local precinct to be examined further.

This was interesting. The van covered with hebrew was pulled to the side of the road by the Downtown Marriott. They took the inconvenience lightly as they tossed a football around. Usually a group of jews who make it known they are jewish all tend to look the same, but here was an orthodox jew, a dread-locked jew, and maybe two more preppy jews too.

DUMBO, Brooklyn
I think there was a big open gallery thing going on in the neighborhood. Try and find the Empire State Building. This neighborhood is so strange, with apartments selling for millions, yet it still looks like an impending crime scene.

How many miles to the gallon?


Meatpacking District

Remember to check Gridlock Sam's traffic column. The summer's weekends provide traffic surprises, the 5 boro bicycle tour is tomorrow. It will run across Sixth Avenue creating an impenetrable wall between the east and west sides. When the bike tour really kicks in, you should aim to pick people up to go across on the central park transverses. The FDR to West Side Highway tunnel will be open too. Brooklyn gets messy as the BQE gets closed, and from Queens to Brooklyn, the streets near the river get closed. Check the website for the 5 boro bike tour. Maybe the rain will fizzle the tour and keep it smaller. Check for when it starts, and finishes.

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King of New York Hacks said...

I love that shot of the Manhattan Bridge...always reminds me of the movie "Once upon a time in America". That top pic of the taxi flip....whoa,hope everyone was ok.