Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The personal situation

My personal life deserves to be aside from cab life, but the two are impossible to separate. From the countless conversations or interviews the customers have with me, to the demand a 12 hour shift puts on all the days surrounding it, there is no avoiding an entirely alternate lifestyle.

While in college, I got a fear instilled pretty quickly that it wasn't gonna be a quick road to success, not when one gets an art degree in photography. So I heard from a few friends that the cab thing was awesome, and I walked into it hook line and sinker. I am not mad at becoming a driver for almost 4 years now, rather, I'm thrilled to be making money while exploring my home town.

But it's not so easy to convince myself that it's a cake walk. As it stands right now, my parents pay for my cell phone and my health care plans. I was making enough money to afford a room in an apartment in Staten Island with some friends, and also pay out my school loans. The apartment was 1150 a month plus 450 in utilities, and by splitting it 3 ways we were all paying under 500 each month. the commute was horrible, but it was worth it to gain my first space independent of the family post college.

Soon enough one of the friends wasn't holding onto his income enough to make payments, he was replaced by a hot nurse who lacked social skills, another friend of friends. She lasted for only a few months before she moved to Brooklyn with the ex girlfriend of the guy who couldn't pay the rent, also a nurse. She only gave us a few days notice, and they took our damn table!! We had a mouse problem that was patched up quickly when I went into the vacant room and threw away an old box of Cheerios.

So we were faced with splitting the rent two ways, and it was working for me to some extent: about $730 each, still a bargain. We couldn't find anyone who wanted to take the room. But now the other shoe's dropped. The last roommate is gonna give college another ol' try, and so he's moving out at the end of August. Being somebody who doesn't want to get stuck in a rut, rather than try my hardest to find people to take 2 rooms I decided to hell with Staten Island.

And as of June 1st most likely, still waiting on approval, I'll be heading to Bensonhurst Brooklyn. And I mention all of this, because it's going to put a real strain on the income. I'm gonna have to find more days to work, or a second job. And it's still a steal of a deal, a big studio apartment for $975 all included but electric. I'm probably gonna want cable and internet too. But ahoy Brooklyn!!!


Trixx said...

Wow, damm, that's a lot money to spend. Why not think about to move to Williamsbourg or Queens ?
I'm not from NY, but could imagine, that it's less expensive ?
2 jobs, when you have already a 12-hour-shift, could kill you.

NYC taxi photo said...

Oh yeah, it's a real strange place. My friend who's a rental broker set me up with it. You pretty much have to be willing to spend 1000 bucks a month per person to live in New York, Williamsburg is really popular, and so much more expensive. I wanted Queens, but it seemed like the prices were 1100 with less utilities included, and I can barely afford 975.

I only work saturday and sunday, and so I suppose it's time for me to start working for real now.

Thanks for reading and commenting

NYC taxi photo said...

Oh awesome, another taxiblog! I wish I knew German

Trixx said...

Ah okay, if you were just working for 2 days already, it should be affordable, if you work a bit more.
Just 2 days ... I work 5 to 6 days in the week ;)

Yes, another taxiblog. Thought about to write maybe in English and German, 'cause there are more english speaking readers in the net, but that would be to much effort. Maybe some day, who knows.

Have a good time and much luck with your new flat. :)

Greetz from Munich, Trixi